About us

Company's Overview
Company Name:
Kobebussan Myanmar Co.,Ltd.
#14-01/02, Level 14, Sule Square, No.221, Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
President & CEO:
Mr. Yasuhiro Tanaka
Mr. Toshiaki Kasai
Brief job:
Business applications / WEB Application
From Monday to Friday 8:00~17:00 (Day off :: Saturday, Sunday and Gazette holidays)
President's Message

In 2013, KOBEBUSSAN Myanmar was founded in Myanmar, one of South East Asia Countries.

Our Head Quarter KOBEBUSSAN Company is handling Super Markets in Japan and running 680 chains and 800 resturants.

In order to ensure the necessary ingredients of these businesses, importing 10000 Containers that are 20 feet from 40 countries. Moreover, in Japan, there are 25 food factories and in other countries, 350.

In addition, the alliances of Kobebussan company are in Japan 33 and in others about 10.

Among technologies and thinkings of kobebussan, more developed technologies and thinkings are used in Myanmar. On the other hand, we are fused with Myanmar to be more effective them.

In future, as a professional, through Japanese fluently and practically use advanced IT technologies, we are projected to improve Japan and also Myanmar.

President & CEO : Mr. Yasuhiro Tanaka (2014, February)

Director's message

In KOBEBUSSAN Group, we are applying various Systems changed significantly along with the trend of the times.

The entire group to be successful in short period of time,we must eliminate the gap between clients and developers.

KOBEBUSSAN Myanmar was established to carry out high-quality applications that can take action in KOBEBUSSAN Group.

That's why, in order to improve talented Myanmer young people up to skill level, we train systematically necessary IT Knowleges and advanced Technologies of Japan.

In addition, in order to communicate smoothy with Japanese incharges and develope IT Knowledges, we train Japanese every days.

To improve skill of Myanmar young people is not only for KOBEBUSSAN MYANMAR but for targeting to improve Japan and also Myanmar.

Director : Mr. Toshiaki Kasai (2014, February)