KOBEBUSSAN Myanmar, One of the branches of KOBEBUSSAN, is System Company that is making Application Development of Japan. That is not developing the application such as Web application, Android・iOS but making various kinds of operation managements as well.

We are widely developing from Web Application to Mobile Application.
Then, we are aslo developing operations and maintenances used by Windows Server, Linux etc...

PHP/MySQL/Apache/JQuery/Java/HTML5/CSS3 etc...


Main job of Head Quarter
In Japan, main job of KOBEBUSSAN Group is Super Markets and Restaurants. Besides, there are 4,260 hectares of agricultural land, such as in Japan and Egypt, and are processing primarily
agriculture, fisheries, and poultry. Moreover, as the second step, producing and selling raw materials of food processing, and finally up to fast foods and ready-made foods.
We are also promoting this in other countries such as America, China, Europe and so on.


Our main target of KOBEBUSSAN Myanmar is developing Japanese application that is why, we are practically applying Japanese in Company. On the other hand, because of making Video Meeting, meeting with Japanese staffs and application development directly with Japan, we are training not only OJT but also Japanese to get skill level in a short period of time.
We train systematically to get skill level that can use in practically. After that, we are cultivating the one who are understanding and can develope wrok processing and high technic applications.